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Yin Yoga & Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls

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Tuesday April 9, 2024


This exceptional class provides a transformative journey through the Chakras, the energy centers within your body. Submerge yourself in a tranquil and healing environment while embarking on a path of self-discovery and inner balance.

Key Features of this class:

Yin Yoga: This practice, celebrated for its serene and introspective qualities, will guide you through postures held for extended periods, enabling profound release and relaxation.

Crystal Singing Bowls: We harness the potency of crystal singing bowls, which emit pure and resonant tones to purify and harmonize your Chakras. These soothing vibrations dispel tensions and worries, fostering deep relaxation.

Benefits of this class:

Diminishes stress levels
Cultivates a more peaceful state of mind
Fosters a deeper connection with oneself
Amplifies inner tranquility

All Are Welcome: No prior experience with Yin Yoga or sound baths is necessary. This class accommodates individuals of all skill levels, providing a gentle and transformative journey.

Investment: $35.00 +HST