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Studio etiquette

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts
allow additional time if it is your first class

Remove your shoes at the door
yoga is practiced barefoot and keeping shoes out of the studio is a sign of respect to our cherished space

Turn off your phone and leave it outside of the room
yoga is a chance to escape digital addictions and distractions

Do not wear perfume to class
it can aggravate other students

Advise instructor of any injuries or health issues before the class starts
variations, modifications and alternatives can be offered if required

Avoid eating one hour before class
having a heavy meal prior to class can make you feel uncomfortable

Mind your space and your steps
it is common courtesy to stagger mats so the person behind you has a clear view of the instructor avoid walking on other yogi's mats

Minimize conversation
the studio is place for self-reflection and focus, maintaining a quiet space supports this frame of mind

What to bring
yoga mat, a bottle of water and a hair elastic
wear comfortable clothing that you can move and bend in