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September Yoga Pose of the Month- Knee to Chest

Pose of the month
Knees to chest
Apanasana (ah-pahn-AHS-uh-nuh)
Seated forward bend is a very calming and grounding pose that helps relieve stress and stretches the entire back of the body. 

This pose is great after a long day at work! It helps relax the muscles of the back and ease strain associated with sitting at your desk for long periods of time.

How to get into the pose

Start by lying flat on your back
Inhale to lengthen your spine
As you exhale draw both of your knees to your chest
Take your hands to your knees or if you have the flexibility, wrap both your arms around the shins
Be sure your lower back remains flat on the floor
Tuck your chin in slightly
Keep your breath flowing smoothly
You can rock side to side if that feels comfortable for you

Modifications and Variations

To relieve pressure in the lower back place a blanket under your back for extra support
If pressure on the abdomen is uncomfortable place a blanket on the tummy in between the belly and knees
Place a blanket under your head for additional support if needed

Benefits of Seated Forward Bend

Stimulates the internal organs
Helps relieve excessive gas
Reduces bloating
Improves digestion
Eases tension in the back and neck
Calms the mind

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