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March Pose of the Month- Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose
Utkata Konasana
(oot-KAH-tuh cone-AHS-uh-nuh)

Goddess pose is a beautiful, strong and empowering pose that inspires feelings of power, confidence and elegance. It is a wonderful pose for grounding and building our external and internal strength. In this pose we can tap into and connect with our transformative Goddess energy. And YES it is a great pose for men too!!

How to get into the pose:

Start in a wide stance (feet wider than shoulder width apart) facing the long side of your mat.

Point your toes to the top corners of your mat and heels turned in (about a 45 degree angle depending on your height)

Inhale to lengthen through the spine. On the exhale bend the knees deeply (keeping them in line with your toes) and pressing the feet into the floor, lower the hips into a squat (working towards having the thighs parallel to the floor)

Extend your arms out shoulder height, bend the elbows 90 degrees(cactus or goal post arms). Spread the fingers wide to activate the back muscles and help hold the arms up

Engage the core muscles, keep the pelvis neutral, tailbone releasing straight down and drawing the crown of the head up towards the sky. Keep the spine nice and long (shoulders above hips and ears above shoulders)

Soften through the shoulders and take your gaze directly out in front of you

Hold the pose for up to ten breaths

To come out of the pose, inhale as you press your feet into the floor and use your leg strength to straighten the legs and lower the arms down by your side

Step your feet together to come back to the top of the mat in mountain pose

Modifications and Variations

There are several arm variations for Goddess Pose:
- Raise your arms overhead, shoulder width apart with your palms facing one another
- Raise your arms overhead and bring your hands to prayer
- Bring your hands to prayer at chest level
- Keep your hands on your hips and place your palms on your thighs

If you are tight in the hips you can place a folded, firm blanket under your heels.
Use a chair or wall in front of you to help with balance.
Lean up against a wall to practice the spinal alignment and/or for balance.

To deepen the pose, practice lifting your heels off the floor, bringing your weight into the balls of your feet, while keeping your things parallel to ground and your knees in line over your toes.

Benefits of Goddess Pose

- Strengthens the entire lower body
- Tones and strengthens the core muscles
- Stretches and opens the hips, groin and chest
- Heats the body and increases circulation Improves balance, concentration and focus
- Promotes feelings of confidence and power

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  • Pl guide whether Utkata konasana helps to activate Apana Vayu?


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