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June Yoga Pose of the Month- Easy Pose

Easy Pose sitting cross legged

Easy Pose
Sukhasana (soo-KAHS-uh-nuh)

Sukhasana is a sanskrit word for “pleasure” or “happiness”, and asana means “pose”

Easy Pose is a comfortable and calming seated posture that creates space in the front body and length in the back. Although it is called “easy pose”, it might be very challenging for people that sit upright all day in chairs.

How to get into the pose

Start by sitting up tall on your mat,  with your legs extended out in front of you and then cross your legs and tuck feet under opposite leg

Relax your feet and thighs

Keep your head, neck and spine aligned

Draw your chin in toward the front of your neck and imagine the crown of your head being gently pulled up toward the sky

Balance your weight on both sitting bones equally, keeping your pelvis in a neutral position

Place your hands on your knees, palms facing up (opens the shoulders and chest) and showing the universe we are  open to listening and/or receiving or palms face down which allows for grounding and inward focus

Gaze straight ahead, eyes can be open or closed

Inhale and feel your spine grow long

Exhale as you root down through your sitting bones

Modifications and Variations

Place a block or bolster under your bum to reduce pressure on your knees

If your knees do not come all the way down to the floor place blocks or blankets under them for support

If there is any stress or tension through the ankles place a blanket under them for padding and support

Bring one heel towards your groin and let the other foot just rest on the floor in front of you with your heels lined up

Don't pull your feet in too close to your pelvis. Placing them farther away will keep your knees from bending too much

For more back support, sit with your back against a wall

Another variation is to place a yoga block between the wall and your shoulder blades

Benefits of Easy Pose

Calms the brain and promotes inner calm and grounding

Improves concentration and focus

Stretches the hips knees and ankles

Opens the hips, groin and outer thigh muscles

Strengthens the back

Facilitates meditation and pranayama (breathing practices)

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