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The Five Crystals To Start Your Collection

All my life I've been fascinated by crystals, but have never really understood them.  However, so many of the people I look up to have been raving about their healing properties, and I decided to investigate. I've spent a lot of time devoted to learning more about crystals over the last year, and they've really been integral on my spiritual journey. 

There are so many crystals to choose from, and it can be really overwhelming. These are the crystals I use daily- and are a great selection to start with. 

Clear Crystal Quartz

Clear Crystal Quartz is the number one starter crystal! Specifically known for their healing properties, these crystals are used across all continents. These crystals are used to heal many ailments, as they absorb energies from all different situation. Because of their clear colour, they are also great to use when setting intentions and meditating.


Out of all the crystals, amethyst is the one I've always found myself drawn to. As I've learned more, it totally makes sense! Amethyst is specifically used to develop intuition and promote calmness and peacefulness. I've always lacked these traits, and so I believe my higher self called me to these crystals. Amethyst also clears negative energies, especially negative minds. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is my top crystal for people who want to dramatically improve their lives. Known as the Love Stone, Rose quartz is know to benefit romantic love, unconditional love, and most importantly, self love. Rose quartz is a healing crystal, and helps your remove negative thoughts and energy that you associate with love.

Lately, I've been meditating with my rose quartz stone, and have been focusing on setting my intentions around self love. It's working!

Peach Moonstone

My goddess stone! Peach moonstone was famously used by the ancient Romans as jewelry, but it's also known to promote passion, peace, creativity and help you get in touch with yourself. Similar to rose quartz, wearing this stone also promotes self love and improves how you see yourself! All of these qualities clear your heart and fill you with positive energy, allowing you to be the goddess you truly should be.

Peach moonstone is also great for automatic writing, which is why I think I've been called to it so much since I've started blogging!

Black Tourmaline

I always recommend picking up a small tumbled black tourmaline as a way of protecting yourself. Black tourmaline removes negative energy, and acts as your own personal shield. I especially like to carry this stone on me when I'm around negative people so that I don't pick up on their bad vibes!

Witches are also known to love black tourmaline as a way of protecting themselves against negative spirits and spells. It's a psychic shield, keeping us away from any attacks! 


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