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Somatic Yoga and Sound Healing
Somatic Yoga and Sound Healing

Somatic Yoga and Sound Healing

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Sunday August 18, 2024

Unlock a unique experience that merges the power of mindful movement with the resonant tones of crystal singing bowls. Our Somatic Yoga and Sound Healing event is unlike any other – it's a journey into the depths of relaxation and self-awareness. 

What to Expect:

Somatic Yoga: Dive into gentle, purposeful movements designed to help you tune into your body’s signals and release deep-seated tension.

Meditation: Guided meditation, focusing your mind.

Sound Bath: Immerse yourself in crystal singing bowl vibrations, expertly curated to soothe your nervous system and elevate your state of being.

Who It's For:

Individuals seeking a deeper connection between body and mind.

Those who want to explore innovative wellness practices.

Beginners and seasoned practitioners looking for a fresh, holistic approach to relaxation and stress relief.

Anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, or physical tension, those with an interest in somatic practices and sound therapy.

What Makes This Event Unique:

Holistic Integration: Unlike traditional yoga classes, this event blends the therapeutic movements of somatic yoga with the meditative quality of sound healing, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Crystal Singing Bowls: The sound bath uses only crystal singing bowls, offering a pure, resonant sound experience that deeply affects the body’s energy and promotes healing.

Somatic Focus: This event emphasises body awareness and mindful movement, helping you develop a deeper understanding of your physical and emotional states.


Release physical and emotional tension

Increase body awareness and mindfulness

Investment: $40+HST