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Tweens/Teens Yoga Club (9 and up)

Tweens/Teens Yoga Club (9 and up)

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This full series runs from:

Sunday July 10 - Sunday October 2, 2022

5:00 - 6:00 PM

This Tweens/Teens Yoga Club offers a variety of postures and styles to challenge, engage and empower tweens/teens. As the Tweens/Teens improve their strength, balance and flexibility they will also develop a deeper level of mind-body connection. In this non competitive and nurturing environment, your Tween/Teen will learn simple partner poses, more advanced stretching and strengthening asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork) and skills and techniques for stress relief and emotional self regulation. This class provides Tweens/Teens a fun filled way to cultivate self esteem, body awareness and deeper connections with themselves and others.
This class is suitable for aged 9 and older. 
Pre-registration is required.
Purchase the full series to save the most money or buy the package that best suits your Tweens/Teens needs.
4 week series (July 10 - July 31) $60
8 week series (July 10 - Aug 28) $104
10 week series (July 10 - Sept 11) $120
13 week series (July 10 - Oct 2) $136.50